Xi'An "Zen Hermit"

12 di Maggio, 2018 - Viaggi - Commenti -

They lives on what nature offers them, on the summit of the Kwan-Yin Shan mountain.
They have a good health, maybe cause they're so far from the city, from the civilization where stress and daily oppression is more deleterious than any sort of current pollution that floating on Xi'an city.
The Buddhists hermits or "Zen Hermits" so a citizen of Xian has defined them. 




The first:
She lives there from 30 years, alone. She has offered us a chair, hot water and food. She invited us to visit her home. She talked about big snakes who fly two meter above her head! 



The second:

The traveler. He don't have a fixed home but moves from a comunity to others, he take care about little temples on the road. Before proceed our climbing, he offered to us two apple and water. 





The third:
He lives on Kwan-Yin summit, he is a writer. everybody can reach the tip and stay there one or more nights, sharing food with other people of comunity.

Chinese street food

There are a lot of kind of fast food in China, everyone delicious


Mr Xi, has called this dish "fish and fish".
We were in a market place near Xi'an river (Bahe river). They make this market every Sunday, and after running we stopped there. 
He say that this place is not for tourist, It's something special... 'be carefull...'

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